The cultural life of countries and their people is dynamic, and their many foreign influences and local novelties are often reflected in the kitchen. That’s why we ask, in the midst of this ongoing evolution, what would a Dominican culinary encyclopaedia look like?

In Ancestral Flavors, chef Carlos Estévez and photographer Víctor Siladi answer that question with a thorough roundup that ranges from the gifts of our soil used by our aboriginals to contemporary street food, and includes the many migratory waves that left their imprint on our tables. Some of the most celebrated Dominican chefs —and many who were adopted by our country— used this roundup to give their own twist to all things ancestral, and created surprising recipes that showcase the potential in our flavors. Our local cuisine is in the middle of a breakthrough moment, and books such as this one shine a light on our collective pride for the abilities and the creativity of our chefs, as well as the generous, welcoming tolerance of our everyday dishes. 


The Team

Víctor Siladi

Photographer, art director and designer

Carlos Estévez

Chef and head editor

Emilia Pereyra

Writer and copy editor

Indira Mejía

Producer, writer and copy editor

Leonardo García

Editorial designer

Damián Siladi

Digital photo editing

Lía Victoria Siladi

Production assistant

Ramón Valerio

Production assistant

Santos Calderón

Production assistant

Roxana García


Marie Benzo