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A decade ago, INICIA decided to turn its traditional corporate Christmas present into a gift of priceless value: the editorial documentation, overseen by renowned local experts, of the many intangible riches that have historically shaped Dominican culture. Altogether, these annual publications have become one of the most detailed accounts of our collective path as a nation, from the life of our first inhabitants to the feats of the visionary men and women who are bravely showing us the way forward. And now, for the first time, the entire collection of books is available in this digital library.


From the first natural instruments that livened up the areítos to the European inventions that are now inextricable from our merengue; from the birds that flap their wings exclusively over the island of Hispaniola to the athletes who have shown us they can fly to the top of an Olympic podium: the books in our Colección INICIA showcase the stories, the cultural treasures and the values that have continuously shaped us as a country.