In spite of its limited size, the Dominican Republic’s territory features a large variety of microclimates, due not just to its tropical condition, but also given the fact that it’s home to the highest mountains in the Caribbean. On top of that, its privileged geographical position, equally distant to some of the largest consumer markets in the world, has turned us into an agroindustrial nation.

From its historical foundation with the sugar industry, agriculture has expanded significantly in the last half century, thanks to the commitment and investment of the private sector as well as strong government support. Based on the research by economist Carlos Despradel and the detailed work of a group of photographers and illustrators who focus on the natural world, Interior highlights the riches, the abundance and the diversity within this industry. The book shines a light on the crops and the products that have traditionally been a part thereof, as well as the potential for investment and production in our present and our future.


Carlos Despradel


Miriam Calzada


Eladio Fernández


Pedro Genaro


Sahira Fontana

Photographer and illustrator

Miguel Cepeda


Ana Banana Díaz


Paulo Lara


Carmen Nova


Manuel González Tejera

Agricultural consultant

Lola Noriega

Editorial director

María Rosa Baquero

Art director and designer

Josefina Diéguez


Diana López

Copy editor