The Colonial City of Santo Domingo has a particular architectural flair: the rather diverse realities of yesteryear —from the first Spanish viceroyal high court in the Americas and later becoming the capital of a French-owned island to our national independence in 1844— have left their mark on its 500-year-old features.

This is particularly relevant when it comes to its historical manors, the rich collective heritage that once saw our forebearers going about their daily lives. INICIA, through Visanto Properties, has put together a team of historians, archeologists and architects committed to the restoration of its residential portfolio in the Colonial Zone. These projects, compiled in Manor Houses of the Oldest City in America by architect Juan Batlle and photographer Víctor Siladi, are an exemplary showcase of the type of interventions worthy of a historical landmark that fuels our national pride.


José Batlle

Restoration architect

Víctor Siladi

Photographer and designer

Jimmy González

Editorial designer

Kutty Reyes

Photo editor

Wagner Almonte

Production assistant

Ramón Valerio

Production assistant

Lia Victoria Siladi

Production assistant

Marie Benzo


Emilia Pereyra

Copy editor