Many of you have surely wondered what lies behind the large entrance of house number 113 on 19 de Marzo street in the Colonial Zone. Since 1913, that’s been the site of a splendid structure in all its eclectic Greek revival glory, commissioned by Juan Bautista Vicini Perdomo to a talented architect who showed the country the many possibilities of working with concrete —that is, Czech-born Antonin Nechodoma, one of the precursors of Caribbean modernism.

In Casa de los Vitrales, architect José Batlle guides us through its layout and its elaborate details, from the rooms occupied by the Vicini-De Marchena family to the awe-inducing stained-glass windows that gave the residence its name. On top of that, Batlle shares the thorough restoration process he led on the centenarian property, which has now become an architectural treasure that has opened its doors to public use. 


The Team

José Batlle

Restoration architect and researcher 

Víctor Siladi

Photographer, art director and designer

Janet Canals

Copy editor

Jimmy Hungría

Copy editor

Amanda Livoti


Jimmy González

Editorial designer

Damián Siladi

Digital photo editing

Ramón Valerio

Production assistant

Santos Calderón

Production assistant