Although we think of them as an ensemble of Dominican rhythmic traditions, they’re actually a cultural blend that began with our early settlers —the walls at the Pomier Caves still carry evidence of the areíto dances of the Taíno people— and grows richer throughout our exchanges with Europe and Africa.

With Identity and Magic, folklorist Dagoberto Tejeda narrates the story of our musical genres, our instruments, our celebrations and the everyday impact of this melting pot, illustrated via the colorful snapshots of Mariano Hernández and Pedro Genaro Rodríguez. The book thus becomes a priceless tool to help examine in detail the evolution of the folkloric dances that make up the cultural heritage of the Dominican Republic. It also bears witness to those steps that our feet have forgotten, and yet their remnants are still evident in our present, leaving their trace on the many dances that are bound to come.



Dagoberto Tejeda Ortíz

Folklorist, sociologist and researcher

Mariano Hernández


Pedro Genaro


Edis Sánchez

Folklorist and musicologist

Elisaury Suárez


Basilio Belliard

Poet, literary critic and copy editor

Julián Amado


Martha Lugo

Editorial director

María Rosa Baquero

Art director and designer

Carmen Nova

Creative advisor

Christian Lugo