As the coral reefs in the Dominican Republic have greatly suffered the impact of several human and environmental factors, underwater photographer Guillermo Ricart would constantly hear about diving spots that “had nothing to offer anymore.

The Living Sea is his retort to those skeptical divers: after hundreds of hours of research, planning and documenting the many reefs along the country’s coastline, his lively photos remind us that the ocean has the ability to heal itself. Thus, this book highlights the importance of the preservation efforts that aim to ensure the sustainability of our natural resources: its pages state that there’s still hope for our seas and the living beings in them. 


The Team

Guillermo Ricart

Diver and underwater photographer

Eladio Fernández


Martha Lugo

Editorial director and translator

María Rosa Baquero

Art director and designer

Carmen Nova

Virtual and cartographic designer

Cynthia Matos

Cartographic designer

Luis Vidal

Production assistant

Diana López

Translator and copy editor

Harry Ehrenberg

Translator and copy editor

Karina García

Translator and copy editor